what is criminal.host?

criminal.host is a file host, designed to give you the freedom of posting content, whenever, wherever, whatever.

how do i register?

dipshit. click here to register. alternatively, go to the homepage, click login, and sign up from there.
username must be 3-32 chars, and password must be 6-64 chars. salting limitations, sorry.

where can i view and manage my uploads?

login to our dashboard. from there, your uploads will be listed. you can choose to view, edit or delete.

what are the rules for uploading content?

one rule: no child exploitation material. otherwise, go ham.

i just registered and downloaded the sharex config, but it doesn't work - why?

chances are that either your login session has expired (usually after 30 days) or your sharex config doesn't have a token attached (undefined).
if it expired, simply download a new config and it should work just fine.
if your auth token is undefined (check "Custom uploader settings..." on sharex) or you can't be bothered updating your config every 30 days, copy the api key from the dashboard and then watch this video.

what data do you collect, and how can i trust that you will not snoop through my information?

everyone should know that no one can be trusted. whether you trust what we say we collect or not is up to you.
we store usernames, hashed + salted passwords and api keys for users, which is required in order for our service to function correctly. we store upload information, including the ip used to post the content. this can be deleted by yourself. if you're worried about your ip being stored, add a proxy to sharex's application settings.

i want my own domain running from this host, how can i do that?

email [email protected] with subject: custom domain. note that there are fees to adding a domain.

i want my data erased. how do i go forth?

email [email protected] with subject: acc mgmt: [username]. state whether you want your files purged, or whether you want your entire account deleted.

i found something bad on your host, who do i contact?